Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Two-Show Day

Hello Dear Readers,
This past Saturday, I had a very exciting day! I spent the day seeing Broadway shows. In the afternoon, my roommate gave me a ticket to see Enron at the Broadhurst Theatre. The show is very interesting because it can't be characterized as a play or musical. Enron is best described as a play with music and it stars Norbert Leo Butz, who is absolutely incredible. I got to sit in the third row, which was really a treat. It was thrilling to see Norbert giving his all. He put everything into that performance. Enron opens tonight and I am interested to see what the critics have to say. Personally, I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it.
In the evening, I went to see Hair!!! I won the show lottery and paid $25 to sit in one of the "Be-In boxes." Wow! What a thrilling show! There was so much energy at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre that it was contagious. I didn't get to see the original cast because they are all in London. The new cast is wonderful though. Diana DeGarmo sure can sing and Ace Young is hilarious as Berger. I also really enjoyed Annaleigh Ashford as Jeannie. I also loved how the actors often went out into the audience and talked to people. It was so much fun. The best part, however, was getting to get up on stage at the curtain call and dance! They have also started to tape the dance party so that you can see yourself on stage, which was really cool. Hair is a beautiful show and filled with so much love, passion, and peace! It was inspiring!
What a lovely day I had!

PS: The youtube video that I am going to share with you today is the original revival cast of Hair performing on the David Letterman Show in a historic performance. The original cast performed at the Ed Sullivan Theatre back in the 60s and shocked the country!

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