Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Know You're a Musical Theatre Person When...

Hello Everyone!
It has been a long time since I last wrote. Last weekend, my extended family came to visit Ellis Island. The trip was a gift to my Grandpa. I went downtown to meet them! It was a fun afternoon! The best part though was when I went back to Manhattan on the ferry. I got to stand on the front of the boat!!!! It was one of those things that never happens, so I was pretty excited! Being the musical theatre person that I am, naturally I pretended to be Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl singing Don't Rain on My Parade. This inspired me to make a list:

You Know that You're a Musical Theatre Person When....
1. You stand on a tugboat and pretend to be Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl
2. You constantly sing showtunes.
3. You know certain historical facts or other scholarly information because of shows.
4. You go to see more theatre rather than concerts.
5. You obsessively learn choreography for shows.
6. You watch youtube videos of people singing broadway tunes.
7. The Tony Awards are much more important than any other awards show.
8. You have a list of roles you would love to play.
9. You can sing all of the words to any show.
10. You can always bring any topic back to a musical.

The funny thing, dear readers, is that all 10 of those points apply to me! I must be in the right field of work!

Today's video clip is a special one. Elaine Stritch is one of my idols. She is an incredible performer. Anyway, she came to perform and have a q&a session at my college the year after I graduated. My professor invited me to come back and see her. It was an awesome afternoon. I will never forget it. She performed a few songs but my absolute favorite was 50 Percent. It was so powerful! Here it is!!!

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