Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Upper West Side Sunday :)

Happy Thanksgiving Week Everyone! I am thankful that today I get to spend my entire day in the Upper West Side. Its my favorite neighborhood and I love to be there as much as possible! Thank goodness I work there! So here is the reasons why today is being dubbed my Upper West Side Sunday:

1. Black and White Cookies and Starbucks Cookies- So New York, I can't even handle it.

2. Work in the West 70s- My favorite area of the UWS. So grateful because I love my job and I love the neighborhood.

3. Shopping at a Book Fair in the West 80s- My roommate told me about this book fair and I am so excited to check it out! I love the movie You've Got Mail and I feel like that book fair is something Kathleen Kelly would totally check out. I will let you know how it is! I will be there in about 3 hours!

4. A jazz music mass in the West 100s- Since I'm going to the book fair, I wouldn't make it to my usual mass down the village, so I made a compromise! I'm very excited about it actually. I'm going to a mass with jazz music! It should be very cool and the perfect way to end the church year! Next Sunday is Advent! Ahh I love it!

What do I think of this day? First of all, its amazing and second of all, its so New York. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!
-Jackie O.

PS: Hope you all have a ton of turkey and stuffing! Enjoy the amazing food!

PPS: Here is my youtube video for this post. Its a beautiful montage of New York City. Just watch it. Its amazing. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the book fair closed at 5 and I got out of work at 5, so it was a no-go. I was bummed to miss it. BUT, I decided to walk uptown and see where the wind took me because I had about 45 minutes to kill before mass. I passed by a Hale and Hearty..and they had my favorite soup, CURRIED CHICKEN CHOWDER. And that my friends, was why I wasn't meant to go to the book fair. It was delicious. Mass was wonderful too! The priest was fantastic and the music spectacular!

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