Saturday, March 20, 2010


Greetings from New York City!!
I am finally home!! Happy first day of Spring everyone! Well, I just returned home from an amazing day! The day started with a lovely lunch at Blockheads, which is this super cheap Mexican food place with great food and margaritas. I met two of my friends from college who came to visit. It was absolutely wonderful to catch up and we got to sit outside! It was awesome. Then, I went and got some cheap sunglasses and a new hat because I lost my other one. I found exactly what I wanted, which was great. After that, I walked to the Lincoln Center library and borrowed some original broadway cast albums that I wanted to put on my ipod. I love going there! They have a great collection! Then, I walked back down to Columbus Circle and just sat and enjoyed the sunshine! After that I went downtown to the village to go to mass at this new church that I recently heard about. It was nice. After that I had some dinner and then I went to Ritas for a free water ice to celebrate the first day of spring. The line was down the block! Now, I am finally home and just reeling from a great day! Its great to be home!!!

PS: Here is the link for Blockheads! If you are in New York, check it out! Its a great place to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day!

PPS: In true tradition, here is another video. The Drowsy Chaperone is my new musical obsession. I can't wait to see the production my old high school theatre program!!!

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