Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Miranda Sings

Hello All!
Tomorrow is the last show of my tour. We were supposed to finish on Thursday, but the show was cancelled, so Wednesday is the end. I can't believe that this experience is over. I had such a good time and met some wonderful people. I'm going to miss seeing them everyday! Thank goodness we all live in the same city. As much as I am going to be sad, I am excited to have a mini vacation in my hometown of Philadelphia. I'm looking forward to family and friend time over Easter! It will be nice. When I get back to New York next week, I will go back to my old job. I am very lucky because I am an actor who loves her side job! I work downtown at an after-school program. I basically get paid to have fun! Its wonderful and I missed my kids so much! I can't wait to see them. I'm also looking forward to seeing my co-workers. Then, after the school year is over, I will be leaving New York to go to Tennessee for two months to do Into the Woods. Its an exciting time!!! :)

For today's video, I have decided to share something that always makes me laugh, without fail. The actors in the broadway show Rock of Ages started making backstage videos. They are very clever and extremely well-done. For their ninth video, they decided to get youtube personality Miranda Sings to come and give voice lessons to all the actors. I had the pleasure of seeing Miranda perform here in New York and I had a wonderful time. I never laughed so hard, which says a lot! If you don't know who Miranda is, check out her videos. She is a girl who believes that she is a fabulous singer and will one day play Elphaba in Wicked. So, without further ado, here is the video!

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